MorpheMe Brushes Club Review


For a makeup brush addict like myself, or a newbie just getting into makeup. What is better than receiving new brushes every month to add to your collection. Morpheme brush club is perfect for those of you who love collecting makeup brushes, or who wants to try new brushes. Whether you are a beginner or an expert.

The Club

Morpheme brush club started in December 2015, but I only heard about it in February. I do wish I had of signed up in December as I seemed to have missed out on the best brushes. If you are yet to hear about Morphe’s brush service, it is a monthly subscription through the Live Glam website.

Each month you receive $30 USD worth of Morphe brushes which works out to around 3 or more brushes. The cost of the monthly subscription is $19.99 USD plus $9 USD for shipping. This works out to about $40 AUD each month. If you are in the US or Canada shipping is free.

What I love most about this service is the range you receive. I know when I’m shopping for brushes I always stick to the same types. Most likely foundations brushes preferably flat top or round kabuki brushes and fluffy eyeshadow brushes. So to receive a different range that I might not necessarily have picked is so exciting and good for my brush collection.

You can also earn reward points for each month you renew or for recommending a friend. Your reward points can be used to purchase a good range of products from brushes to makeup. Not just from Morphe brushes either.

Brushes I’ve received so far.

February Brushes – M495, M334, M333, M218, M224, M165, M169



March Brushes – M527, M438, M501



April Brushes – M508, M505, M510, M504, M330



May Brushes – M433, M441, E1


June Brushes – E36, E3, E4


July Brushes – E48, M310, E22, M432, E18


August Brushes – M431, M437, M530, M403


Each month also features a video on the Live Glam website, so you can see what each brush is used for. If you are a beginner or just unfamiliar with a type of brush and want to learn its uses these videos are perfect for you. As a Morpheme member, you also receive exclusive offers to first access to Morphe’s new releases, discounts and

If you aren’t happy with your brushes one month  you can cancel your membership by logging into your account on Live glam. Morphe sometimes emails you a photo of the brushes for the upcoming month so you can see what you are getting each month. If you aren’t happy with the brushes you see, you can log in to your Live Glam account and skip the month so you won’t receive those brushes.

All the eye brushes I have received


The best part is shipping is quite fast. When you get an email that your brushes have shipped you know they won’t be far away. Mine take around a week and a half to arrive in Australia. I personally think the brush club is worth every dollar. With brushes I have received I am yet to be disappointed.

All the face brushes I have received


To sign up to the brush subscription you can click here.  Also if you use my referral link,  you will receive a free brush at the checkout. Don’t want to use my referral link simply go to the Live Glam Website.

Thank you for reading, if you have tried the Morphe Me brush service please leave your thoughts below. I’d love to know what you think of this service.





  • Bec

    This is such a good idea! One can never have too many brushes 🙂

    Bec |

  • Kels L

    Oh wow! I haven’t heard of this club before! I am seriously considering signing up!

    • mymakeupdesk

      Omg you need to this months brushes are gorgeous