Origins best face maskWow, I am back!! The last few months have been absolutely crazy busy. I won’t say too much but I have so many exciting things going on all will be revealed soon. With so much drama in the world at the moment I want to have a really positive week. So I’m going to share with you my favourites all week long. Today’s post is one of my favourite skincare items.

The Best Face Masks

Face masks are one of my favourite things to do. I always find it so relaxing laying in the bath with candles lit, a bit of smelly bubble bath and a mask on my face. Or even laying down on the couch or bed with your eyes closed thinking about nothing, having me time.

There are so many types of masks and so many different reasons to use masks. For myself I generally always use masks when my skin is feeling congested or I have unwanted pimples. Which lets face it is most days. I also love using masks as a spot treatment just to help remove those unwanted guests. Using a mask as a spot treatment rather then applying to the whole face can be handy with masks that may be too harsh for your skin but you don’t want to waste.

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This January MAC dropped the bomb that they were collaborating with 10 beauty influencers from around the globe to create their own lipstick shade. The stunning Nikkia Joy an Australian beauty influencer was one of the lucky ones to be chosen. Wouldn’t that just be a dream come true to have your name on a MAC lipstick shade.

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What I got for my birthdayA few weeks ago was my 25th Birthday. My Birthday started with me treating myself to a few gifts and ending with my fiancé taking me and our close friends to Justin Bieber followed by a gorgeous hotel stay in the city. I felt so lucky and had such an amazing day and night, thank you to my amazing fiancé and friends who made it special I love you!

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Mistakes your making with your Beauty SpongeA beauty sponge is a tool everyone should have in their collections or kits. I use my sponge everyday without failure at the moment I am loving the Real Techniques Beauty Sponges and the Original Beauty Blender. I feel like so many people don’t realise their are so many ways to use your sponges or are using it wrong. Whether that be usage or storing hopefully you will learn a trick or two. Please share below ways you love to use your beauty sponges. View Post


This week on my makeup desk are my favourite makeup product, highlighters.  I love changing up my makeup look with different highlighters techniques. Who knew there was so may different ways to highlight. I certainly didn’t when I was a beginner. Like most makeup lovers, I am obsessed with highlighters. Highlighters are so on trend at the moment and I can’t see them leaving us anytime soon. If you only ever used the traditional powder highlight fear no more I am here to teach you ways to use different highlighters. View Post