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I’m Toni, a 20 something year old from Auckland NZ, currently living in Melbourne, AUS. I started an addiction to makeup in 2014 after my son passed away at just 9 weeks old. After my baby boy died in my arms with my partner Matt by my side I became very depressed. I hid away from everyone and became very distant I didn’t see any positives in life. I then discovered MAKEUP and how powerful it can make you feel. Just from applying lipstick I felt like a different person. This is when my addiction started, I would buy makeup every chance I’d get.

I was constantly looking at new trends and watching youtube videos non stop. Because of makeup I started to feel better and wanted to live my life to the fullest. Now I want to share my passion for beauty and makeup with you.

By day I am a Sales Representative and at night I am a beauty blogger. My goal with my blog is to be able to quit my job and to be a full time blogger, putting all my effort and time into something I love. Thats something we all dream of I think, doing what we love!

If you have any recommendations for blog posts such as product reviews, tips, hauls etc please leave a comment below.

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