Beauty Favourites Week – The Best Concealers

fit me best concealerWhen purchasing that perfect concealer. I always aim for something that will cover my dark under eyes, brighten and not crease. With some concealers that is way too much to ask. Today I am sharing with you the best concealers I have in my collection and why I love them. Again with foundations I generally own a few shades of my favourite concealers, for when I’m pale or tanned.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer $25 USD

Super expensive but literally is huge, so you are getting so much product for your money. I literally thought it was a mini foundation. I love that it has a large doe foot applicator because it makes it so easy to apply just a small amount and you are definitely not going to waste as much product, as you would a pump packaging.

Has the most amazing pigment and coverage. Girl this is full on coverage, at first I was a bit unsure about it because it is so full coverage. But after experimenting with it I love it. It will cover anything. I have mine in the shade light sand, which I find way to light when I am tanned. The joys of buying makeup online. I will definitely be picking up another shade that can work for me when Im tanned which is pretty much all the time.

tarte best concealers


Maybelline Fit Me Concealer $7 USD

A staple in any makeup collection. Why? Because it is so cheap and works on so many skin types. I am literally obsessed with this concealer, I think I own 10 of them. I always pick them up when they are on sale in Australia for under $8. He thing about this concealer is that you need to apply quite a bit of product or it just wont work as well. I am generally always heavy handed with my concealer anyways so I don’t get this problem often. But if you are finding the concealer doent work for apply a little bit more then necessarily and make sure you really blend it out. For me I always use a beauty sponge when applying my concealer. I also make sure to set my concealer with a loose powder this will prevent creasing.

fit me best concealer

LA Girl Pro Conceal $5 USD

Another super affordable concealer. I think you could all agree with me that Shaaanxo started the craze of everyone loving this concealer. I used to find it interesting cause she always used her fingers to apply, When I personally use my fingers I feel like I take away the product rather then blend it out. The packaging of this concealer confused me when I first purchased it, it has a brush type applicator. At first I removed the brush and just squeezed product out of the tube. I then regretted that cause I was using way too much product, So don’t take th brush off the packaging it is there so you don’t use a lot haha. This concealers blends like a dream, has a decent amount of coverage and doesn’t crease under the eyes. Amazing right considering how cheap it is. It also comes it peach, yellow and green tones which each do something different to the skin. I use the green to go over any redness before applying my foundation. I have also seen people using these to contour, as the darker shades are the perfect undertone.

la girl best concealers

MAC Prolongwear Concealer $22 USD

I first purchased this concealer a few years ago because I heard Jaclyn Hill talk about it that many times. I can understand why the concealer is so popular. It is so full coverage, it has that much pigment that people have even used it as a foundation. However I am yet to try it that way. When applied under the eyes it doesn’t crease up and it covers redness and dark circles easily.

The biggest downfall of this product is the glass packaging. I have smashed two already. One fell off my vanity and smashed on the floor and another I dropped while taking a photo of it. So please be careful of that. Another downfall is the pump. You always pump out way too much product and of course it goes to waste. I have seen some beauty youtubers actually save the left overs in a sample pot because it literally pumps out too much product. As this product has a pump you have to apply the concealer with your fingers or brush. The Mac prolong wear comes in a large range of shades and undertones so you will be able to find your perfect shade for whatever purpose.

mac best concealers

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer $9 USD

One more drugstore goodie I had to mention. Oh and its Maybelline, I seem to see a trend with my favourites posts now. This concealer I find very similar to the Fit Me, but the age rewind is designed to cover those under eye dark circles. It is so easy to apply. The top is a sponge applicator, simply wind the cylinder up to let the product come through the sponge, apply under you eyes, and blend out. Has a good amount of coverage to cover my dark circles, and doesn’t crease. I love this concealer the most because of the applicator, it is just so quick and simple when I’m getting ready for work.

age rewind best concealers

I am sure you can all agree with me shopping with concealers can be so stressful. It seems like we are always searching for the next best thing. I hope I have helped you with your selections. Please let me know your favourite concealers I would love to check them out.

the best concealers



  • I’d love to try the Tarte concealer, everyone seems to love it! At the moment, I’m using the one from Sephora (the brand Sephora 😀 ) and I think it has good coverage and there are quite a lot of shades, I like it!

    • I have heard really good things about this one. I will have to pick it up xx

  • Kate Flint

    Some great concealer picks! I am keen to try out the Tarte Concealer, I’ve heard so many good things!

    Kate |

    • Definitely try it out if its easy for you to get xx

  • HerQuarters

    Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer is my absolute favourite! Love it so much!

  • OMG I need to bite the bullet and order the Tarte Shape Tape. I wish I could use the Maybelline ones you mentioned but unfortunately I’m way too pale 🙁 Great picks!

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

    • Aww I feel you I can’t use them when I’m not tanned. They are way to dark 🙁

  • I absolutely love the pro longwear but actually thinking about picking up the fit me concealer tomorrow! Great review and love all these picks here 🙂

    x Helen

    • Try get it if you can, its such a good concealer. xx

  • Great roundup Toni! I spot some of my faves – mainly the Maybelline Fit Me and MAC Pro Long Wear Concealers! I definitely need Shape Tape in my life x

    Daniela |

    • I can’t live without Fit ME. Definitely give it a try. xx

  • Bernadette

    I’ve tried every concealer you’ve mentioned except for the tarte concealer. I’ve loved every single one I’ve tried and I so badly want to try the tarte concealer I know i’ll love it but the only access I have to it is through the tarte website itself. Great post. I’m glad I’ve discovered your blog.

    • Unfortunately thats the only access I have to it too. Maybe get a few other things to make up for the cost of shipping xx

      • Bernadette

        Yes I’ve just been trying to readjust my makeup spending habits. I like to focus on what i really really want. I am also eyeing that tarte in the bloom palette but next to makeup geek and color pop powder shadows I can’t be bothered for high end eye shadow palettes or eye shadow palettes in general. I may just get like 3 of the tarte concealer haha.

  • I’ve been so tempted to try the Tarte concealer! Looks so amazing, I didn’t know it was so huge!
    X Isabella

    • Omg do it, its massive. Well I think it is compared to any others i own. xx

  • I love the Tarte and Mac concealers! I’ve started just doing half pumps of the Pro Longwear at a time until I have the right amount.

    Billie |

    • I can never get mine to just half pump, silly packaging xx

  • Bernadette

    I own and love all these concealers! With the tarte one being a recent purchase. I was so excited to get it, I picked up 2 as the tarte site was having a free shipping offer which they usually don’t haha. It’s so bloody good. Maybelline in general have a good track record with concealers.