Beauty Favourites Week – Top 5 Eyeshadow Palettes

top 5 eyeshadow palettesOnce upon a time I used to love buying all the latest and most raved about shadow palettes. If a Youtuber talked about it then I would make sure to add it to my cart. These days I have eased up a bit in purchasing palettes, because first of all I have run out of room to store them all and second I feel like my collection of over 100 palettes is enough to keep me satisfied.

I want to share with you my favourites I have narrowed it down to my top 5 eyeshadow palettes or this post would be way to long. You will notice a repeat pattern, warm browns, reds and oranges, that’s just what I love and I am sure most of you agree.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette $42 USD

I have always been a huge fan of Anastasia eyeshadows. I just love the way they blend and how pigmented they are and also the stunning range of colours they have. When I first seen this palette I knew I needed and considering her palettes had always been limited edition it was so exciting to see a permanent palette in the range. In saying that, it is permanent but it is still so hard to get your hands on it’s always sold out. This palette is nothing short of warm browns and reds. It also comes with a range of mattes and shimmers.

Burnt orange is my favourite shade, if I could wear it everyday and be happy. The only thing about this palette that annoys me is the light pink felt texture packaging only because it is so hard to keep clean. Those of you who own this palette will know exactly what I mean.

top 5 eyeshadow palettes

Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette $45 USD

Another day another warm toned palette. This was a huge Instagram sensation. Because of its warm browns and the size of it. I picked mine up from Beauty Bay as soon as I seen it in stock. I had to include this in my favourites because I literally use it all the time. Very similar shades to the modern renaissance but have extra 6 shades, make it so worth the money. So many warm browns so many shimmers and a pop of wine n dine which I love.

Brownie points and teddy bear are my top picks from the whole palette I just love the dark rich chocolate brown and they blend like a dream. The packaging is ideal for travel as its super sleek.


Ciate London x Chloe Morello Palette

Being on a spending ban I had seen this palette everywhere. Why do all the amazing products come out when I’m on a spending ban for a house. I knew I wasn’t allowed to buy anything until my ban was over. So I waited a few weeks and as soon as I seen it back in stock on Mecca I thought it was sign from above and I had to have it. We all know this feeling when we convince ourselves to buy something. This palette is only in my favourites because of the top row 3 warm transition shades, a dark brown, and a pop of gold the perfect combo are we really surprised I love these shades.

Don’t get me wrong the other shades are beautiful as well I just cant help but want the top warm browns. Chloe has done such an amazing job of this palette, the shade selection are perfect for so many looks and the are buttery and creamy just what we all want.

top 5 eyeshadow palettes

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette $49 USD

One of my first owned high end palettes. First of all the chocolate smell is amazing, I believe this is why a lot of people buy the palette. I love the smell first thing in the morning it reminds me of hot chocolate smells. If you didn’t know hot chocolates are my obsession. I have also heard the shadows taste good however I am yet to eat my makeup.Has a beautiful range of shades, browns, pinks and pops of plum. My favourite shades in the palette are marzipan and crème brule. The glitters in the palette are absolutely stunning but the real treat is when you wet your brush they are now on a whole other level. I also adore the salted caramel shade and of course the dark goodness of semi sweet. It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t pick a dark brown favourite.

Manny Mua x Makeup Geek

I feel bad mentioning this palette since it was limited edition. However you may still be able to pick it up on the Makeup Geek website. Some of these shades are part of their permanent range too. I love Makeup Geek shadows overall, so this palette is amazing to me and so many others. Has a good range of colours, warm transition shades and pops of colour. Insomnia is a gorgeous blue but purple shade to add that little something to the lid. The quality of Makeup Geek shadows are comparable to Anastasia or Mac shadows but without the hefty price tag. If you haven’t tried Makeup Geek Shadows then I highly recommend you check them out.


Thank You

Did you see any of your top eyeshadow palettes? I would love to know, leave a comment below of your all time favourite palettes. Il see you tomorrow for my next favourites post.

I hope you are all enjoying my favourites click here to read my previous post, face masks, and foundations.

top 5 eyeshadow palettes

  • Lubz

    You have listed all the palettes I really want to get. I don’t have any of these. I too am on a spending ban haha!

    Lubz ||

    • Aww try get one sneakily if you can. That’s what I did behind my loving fiance’s back haha

  • oh I love my MUG-Manny palette, neutrals in there is my go to!
    Anastasia doesn’t attract me much but Violet Voss is in my wish list 🙂

    XOXO… GreenStory

  • Modern Renaissance is hands down my favourite of all time! Some very good picks here! <3


    • I think I’d have to agree if I could only have one palette I’d die happy with it haha

  • Laura Tough

    The only one I have tried is the Too Faced one, which I am obsessed with! I still really want that ABH one though, it’s beautiful!

    Laura || xx

  • Kate Flint

    I cut way back on buying palettes but I think I am looking at getting a new one with warmer tones, thanks for the honest reviews! I love the look of ABH Modern Renaissance but I just know that packaging would annoy tf out of me haha.

    Kate |

  • My absolute favourites are in here too! Too Faced Chocolate Bar and ABH. I know what you mean about the ABH packaging – I also find that even though the eye shadows are highly pigmented and gorgeous, there is a lot of fall out when you dip the brush into the pan. Got any tips? xx
    Isabella |

    • Yes I completely agree they are very powdery. I always tap of the excess before going in on my lid, and slowly build up the colour rather then going straight in, it causes a huge mess. Especially if you have already done your face makeup xx

  • I love your beauty favourites series! Is it bad that I don’t have any of these palettes? I prefer individual eyeshadows…

  • Felicia Anastasia Bardan

    I really want to have a go of the Chloe Morello Ciate palette, the colours look divine!

  • Look at you blogging everyday!! I see a lot of my faves here! ABH Modern Renaissance would be my all time fave!

    Bec | Beauty With Bec

  • Great post! I’ve always wanted to get me hands on the ABH Modern Renaissance but it’s always sold out! 🙁 BTW you should check out the Stila Eyes Are the Window Shadow Palettes. I’ve got the ‘spirit’ shades and they are amazing. (BTW – sorry I’m not helping with your shadow palette ban)

    Rochelle ||

  • Over 100 palettes! I’ve had the Modern Renaissance and Chloe Ciate palette on my wish list for so long, I’m definitely going to cave soon!!
    WRITE: Highlighting with Sephora

  • Over 100 palettes! I’ve had the Modern Renaissance and Chloe Ciate palette on my wish list for so long, I’m definitely going to cave soon!!
    X Izzy

  • I love your photos! I want the ABH palette so much!! And the ciaté palette is beautiful!

  • Bottled Beauty

    I really love the MR palette!! Even though it was crazy hyped up, I adore it! I also reach for my Stila Spirit palette all the time!

  • I really love the Modern Renaissance palette – I’ve yet to see another like that in the market. And the Chloe palette is so gorgeous. I was wondering, have you traveled with the MR palette? I’d love to bring it along with me on trips but I don’t want to land to a shattered palette 🙁