Mac Lipstick x Nikkia Joy Collaboration

This January MAC dropped the bomb that they were collaborating with 10 beauty influencers from around the globe to create their own lipstick shade. The stunning Nikkia Joy an Australian beauty influencer was one of the lucky ones to be chosen. Wouldn’t that just be a dream come true to have your name on a MAC lipstick shade.

The Collaboration

Nikkia Joy is an Australian beauty youtuber. Funnily enough she used to be a paramedic until one day she told her partner she was quitting her job to make makeup videos full-time. Oh that would be the dream. MAC couldn’t have chosen a better influencer Nikkia is so down to earth and lovely just how she appears in her videos. Nikkia is filled with knowledge, tips and tricks that she has learnt over the years of being a Makeup Artist. In her youtube videos she shares her secrets to all of us. My favourites are her oily skin videos she has so many crazy tips you would think are insane or against the makeup “rules”.

I am lucky enough to have met Nikkia a few times at makeup events. And recently I went to one of her Mac Masterclasses as part of her launch tour. At first I was a bit hesitant to go to the class as I thought I knew a lot from watching her youtube for years. Boy was I wrong, I learnt so many tips and tricks that she swears by, I can’t wait to try out myself. If you get a chance to go to one of her classes do yourself a favor and go. The cost of the class is totally redeemable on products so it’s a win win.

The Nikkia Joy Lipstick

Inspired by the infamous Velvet teddy. This literally is the perfect nude and it suits so many different skin tones and it is the shade that everyone loves or looks for.  Have you ever found the Velvet Teddy to be to  brown? Well you are in luck so did Nikkia, that is why she created this shade. As a makeup artist Nikkia was always cutting up her Mac Lipsticks to create different shades. She often found herself mixing pinks with Velvet teddy, even a hot pink shade. So she could create that perfect nude for the client. When Mac approached Nikkia to create a lipstick she knew straight away what shade she would create because for years she had already been creating it.

The lipstick launched on Australian MAC counters 25th May retailing for $36 AUD, you can also pick up online and from Myer or David Jones. Those of you overseas can purchase on MAC’s website you would just have to use a parcel forwarding system.

I have copied these details straight from Nikkia Joy’s Youtube just for your convenience.


Option 1:

  1. Head to the SOS Mail Solutions website here:
  2. Click the orange ‘International Shopper’ button and create an account
  3. Enter the code ‘NIKKIAJOY’ in the special request box (this will qualify you for super cheap shipping!!)
  4. You will be given an Australian address for your lipstick to be shipped to (its a shipping warehouse)
  5. Complete your checkout on the MAC Australia website and have it shipped to your AUSTRALIAN ADDRESS
  6. You will receive an email from SOS Mail Solutions when they receive your lipstick at their warehouse
  7. They will send you an invoice for you to pay for the shipping. I’ve negotiated special prices for you guys! For example shipping to the US is only going to cost you $12 AUD – which is only $8.90 USD without tracking or $16 AUD ($11.80 USD) with tracking! YASSSSS!!
  8. They will notify you once it has shipped with tracking numbers/details etc!!

Here is a link to her youtube video explaining the all the details.

Below I have compared Nikkia Joy, to a few of my favourite MAC nude lipsticks. 

Mac Lipstick Nikkia Joy


This shade matches perfectly with the MAC boldly Bare lip liner.

mac lipstick

All I can say is move over blankety, Nikkia Joy is my new daily obsession. This is literally the perfect nude, it has a matte finish but surprisingly it is so comfortable to wear on the lips.

Have you tried the Nikkia Joy Lipstick? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts xx


  • HerQuarters

    Oh wow! The Nikkia Joy is such a stunning MLBB shade.

    Amy |

  • It’s such a great wearable shade.

    Ange |

  • Thanks for doing the comparison swatches! It so hard to tell what the shade looks like in photos xx

  • I actually don’t watch Nikkia (I really should), but it’s so awesome that she collaborated with MAC! It’s such a gorgeous shade 🙂

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  • I am so in love with this shade too! Perfect for everyday!

    Bec | Beauty With Bec

  • Sarah Jane

    Need to pick this up! It looks stunning x

  • I’ve heard about these blogger collaborations that MAC is doing and I think it’s great her shade looks very pretty too!

    Rochelle ||

  • Laura Tough

    Such a gorgeous lipstick shade! I’ll have to pick it up

    Laura || xx

  • Desiree O’toole

    wow it really is such a perfect, wearable colour. Its beautiful

  • Helen

    Wow this looks like a beautiful shade 🙂 Haven’t picked up a MAC lipstick in so long 🙂 very tempted 🙂

    x Helen