Makeup Storage – How I Organise My Makeup Collection

makeup storage

This week on my makeup desk is a different post but something fun. Im going to show you how I store my makeup. I have so many storage cubes, towers and drawers organised with all my makeup. I thought it would be fun to show you how I organise my Glamour Cube. There is something so relaxing about organizing all my makeup and making sure everything has a home.

The Flip Top Glamour Box

Every time I get a new makeup item, I always have to re organise everything to fit in that item. Today I thought i would show you how I organise my favorites or luxurious products with help of themakeupshopbox glamour cube. The Flip Top Glamour Box has 6 sections, 1 flip top compartment, 4 shallow drawers which I find perfect for lipsticks, mascaras, etc and 1 deep drawer for larger items or stacking palettes. The cube comes with gorgeous diamond like hardware to really make a statement on your makeup desk or bathroom counter. I love using acrylic storage because it looks so sleek and expensive but is also so convenient because you can see where everything is.

To start my organising my makeup, I take my favourite most loved items, or even products that have stunning packaging and look good. That I want on display. This could be makeup products, brushes, tools or even packaging.

The top of my storage cube has a flip top lid, ideally you could store something flat such as  palettes and have the lid closed. However I decided to have mine open and store my favourite foundations at the moment and also a few luxury palettes and bottles that are too pretty for a drawer.

makeup storage

makeup storage

First Drawer

I love having whole collections of products. So my first drawer had to be my collection of Benefit Brow products that were kindly gifted to me. I love the silver packaging in the clear acrylic, that really screams to me, makeup porn. Plus they all fit perfectly.

benefit makeup storage


Second Drawer

How could you not have Kylie products on display. I love my smallish Kylie collection so ive put the liquid lipsticks in with the gorgeous packaging which will hopefully soon to be filled with more kylie products.

makeup storage kylie


Third Drawer

I decided to move my Jeffree Star collection from a lipstick stand to the drawer. I love how on the outside I can see all the shades and they fit in there perfectly.

makeup storage

Last Drawer

My final drawer is a few favourites, Chanel Bronzer which by the way is amazing, Nude Stix contour sets, hourglass palettes and a becca blush palette.


makeup storageI have organised my makeup by what I think looks pretty on display. However you could use your storage cube for everyday items so everything is at reach. The possibilities are endless. If you are anything like me you will find yourself reorganising every time you receive a new product.

Thank you

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post, thank you so much to TheMakeupBoxShop who have kindly gifted me the glamour cube to make my orgainsing a lot easier. If you too are interested in purchasing the Glamour Cube check out their website here. They have so many cubes and storage items available to help with organizing your collection.

Please let me know below if you would love to see more posts on my makeup storage, I am dying to share with you my foundation and drawer storage.

* The flip glamour box was kindly gifted to me by The Makeup Box Shop. All opinions and thoughts are my own as always.

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  • I love acrylic makeup storage – it just looks sooo pretty but it can get a bit grubby easily (mine does at least hehe). I love how you’ve sorted a lot by brand – really does make it look like makeup porn!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  • Kate Flint

    I love seeing other people’s makeup storage! I keep all mine stored away in drawers because I like things put away but I can still appreciate a full desk of pretties !

    Kate |

  • HerQuarters

    I am so tempted to organise my vanity now 🙂

    Amy |

  • I have an acrylic box for all makeup but it sure doesn’t look as organised as yours. You’ve just inspired me to organise all my makeup again x

  • I love how organised you are! I recently got a makeup storage cube and our Benefit draw look almost identical! Love their brow range 🙂 x

  • I’ve always admired these storage cubes. They look so pretty! You have organised yours beautifully (loving those Cover FX enhancer drops!) 🙂 x

  • Amea May

    You are so much more organised than me

  • I throw all my makeup into my drawers next to my desk. You are so much more organised and methodical about it all. I’m re-arranging furniture this weekend so that might include ordering some organizers too 🙂

  • Phillippa Harvey

    It looks so pretty organised like that! I might have to buy a glamour tube now too!

  • Bernadette

    I am such a fan of acrylic draws when it comes to organising makeup. I was just tidying up my makeup station BUT i definitely need to reorganize everything is so cluttered and over flowing haha. x

  • Riley Jean Steiz

    You’re one of my favourite new bloggers! Love this post!

  • Nicole Christy

    Love this! My makeup storage always looks like a hot mess no matter how much I try to organize everything! I like how minimalistic this looks!