Mistakes You’re Making With Your Beauty Sponge

Mistakes your making with your Beauty SpongeA beauty sponge is a tool everyone should have in their collections or kits. I use my sponge everyday without failure at the moment I am loving the Real Techniques Beauty Sponges and the Original Beauty Blender. I feel like so many people don’t realise their are so many ways to use your sponges or are using it wrong. Whether that be usage or storing hopefully you will learn a trick or two. Please share below ways you love to use your beauty sponges.


  •  You’re using it dry. I was really surprised at how many times I noticed people using their sponges dry I can’t imagine how much product is being wasted and how much quicker you are going to have to purchase a new sponge due to wear and tear. The correct way to use your sponge is to dampen under the faucet 2-3 times really get it wet then gently squeeze the water out and repeat. This will increase the sponges size by at least double. Then use the damp sponge to apply your foundation this will create a flawless base by removing excess product, and will reduce your product use.
  • You’re not replacing it every 3 months. If you read the packaging of your sponges most of them say to replace after 3 months. The biggest sign is colour discolouration that you should to replace your sponge. Makeup sponges need to be replaced to prevent them from going mouldy, causing bacteria and giving you breakouts. I was recently at a friends house and I noticed the sponge she was using to apply her makeup. As you can see below it was very filthy and also the texture is very hard like dried out foundation. So I purchased her a new sponge and cut her old one in half. Mistakes your making with your Beauty Sponge
  •  You’re not washing it after each use. This is something I am guilty of. I have about twenty sponges and I only wash them when they are all dirty. So bad I know. The correct way is to gently wash after each use this will prevent your sponge from getting yuck and old. Meaning your sponge will last longer.
  • You’re putting it away wet. Don’t put your sponge away wet. Leave it to dry or store it in something that allows it to breathe such as a mesh bag. A good tip is to keep the container it came in that’s a good way to store it and let it dry and breathe.
  • You’re not using it for your primer. Using your sponge with primer will use less product and create an even base to apply foundation on.
  • You’re not using it for loose powder. A damp beauty sponge is the perfect tool for “baking” under your eyes and setting the area. Just make sure the sponge isn’t to damp as it has the opposite effect and creates a dry glue like substance. I’ve done it before and it’s a nightmare to remove from your makeup I think I may have cried and had to start all over again.
  • Use it to set you’re foundation with pressed powder. Lightly use your damp sponge with your powder over your face. This is perfect for those of you who have oily skin or t zone and really want to set your face. Itl help your makeup last longer too.
Bonus tip! I keep a small sponge in my handbag to use on my face at the end of the day or when your makeup is starting to fade in certain areas. Gently use the sponge to buff out those areas and your good to go again. Also perfect for those sunglasses marks we all dread.


There we have it! I absolutely love a makeup sponge and I am always looking to try a new brand. Please leave below your favourite brands and a mistake you think you have made with yours.


  • Omg really Im sure we all once made that mistake 🙁

  • Sian

    This is a great post! I wish I’d got on board with beauty blenders. I’ve had one in my life and I just wasn’t a fan! I use brushes mainly now but your post is making me want to give them another go…

  • I honestly cannot believe that I went 2 months without realising I was using my sponge wrong. I legit was using it dry for 2 MONTHS. Thank god for Instagram & a beauty blogger helping me out! I was so clueless back then.

    Such a fabulous post as always. You’re amazing!

    Elley | http://elleymae.com

  • I’ve seen a lot of people who dry their real beauty blender in the original cup packaging and end up with mould as the bottom of the sponge never gets air when it’s drying so I only ever leave them on a plate to try and get air to as much of the blender as possible 🙂

  • These are all fantastic tips! What the heck did we ever do without beauty sponges in our lives? I shudder when I see people either not clean their sponge after every use and/or don’t let them air dry! Bacteria central!

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

  • I was probably making most of those mistakes. Thanks for sharing.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  • Jessica Jacobowitz Weinberg

    I didn’t realize that they needed to be replaced so often. These are all such great tips!
    xo Jessica

  • What a great and useful post! I must admit that I don’t wash it everyday…^^;;
    And I had never thought of applying primer with a sponge! I’ll try that tomorrow!

  • Desiree O’toole

    I couldn’t agree more, my best friend drives me nuts she never washes hers, so when ever i am at her house if salvageable I give them all a wash or replace them

  • Beth Shankle Anderson

    These are some fantastic tips that are completely correct about beauty sponges. I love mine and know how important it is to wash them after every use just like brushes!

    Beth || http://www.TheStyleBouquet.com

  • Lubz

    I haven’t used a beauty sponge in a while; probably because I purchased the el cheapo ones from ebay and they haven’t really worked for me. I think I need to invest in a quality product in order to see it. Of course, with every investment comes maintenance, which sometimes people neglect to do.

    Lubz || http://lubzsays.com

  • Taylor Mobley

    I am definitley keeping mine for way too long! I always forgret to replace them after a few months, but I forget how important it is!

  • Beauty and the Beach

    My oh my..I never thought to use beauty sponge for primer.. I’ll give it a try soon

  • Bottled Beauty

    I actually started swapping my sponge every month ever since I saw those gross blenders that had mold in them! I buy 2 or 3 everytime I see the ModelCo sponge on sale so I always have a spare whenever I feel the need for a new one.

  • I always forget to use it for my primer!!! And washing it as well, I definitely need to do it more haha

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  • So many great tips! I’m going to try it for my primer and powder xx