My Priceline Haul

revlon-contour-palette pricelineFirstly my apologies, I have had no internet for over a month. Good one Telstra. It has been mission impossible to upload blog posts and photos off hotspots. This should be all is resolved now and il be back to posting weekly. Woohoo!

The Haul

So last week was the famous Priceline 40% off sale, you can view my recommendations I posted about last week to inform you about the sale and let you know what I was picking up. Today I thought I would share with you everything I picked up. From my blog post you will see I only when to buy 2 things but somehow I managed to buy more, haha typical me in Priceline. I also managed to go to two stores twice. So many goodies to try.


  • NYX Contour Kit – Ever since I seen Shaaanxo use the contour kit, what feels like a year ago. I made it a goal to purchase it and finally it is available in Australia.  At $23.97 it was an absolute steal. Most of you would have picked one up as soon as it arrived into Priceline.
  • Revlon X Chloe Morello Palette $14.97 – Another one on everyone’s wish list. I’m sure everyone and their dogs were talking about it on Instagram. Also every Priceline worker was taking about.



  • NYX Strobe to Genius Palette  $17.97 – This was purchased on my third trip back to Priceline, It had just arrived that morning. It was fate I was to own it, well I did get a heads up from a lovely employee she knew I had wanted it.



Models Prefer Samantha Jade Strobing Palette  $11.97 – I had so many people picking up this palette in their haul.  I had to see what the hype was about. This palette is nothing short of amazing.

  • Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation- $10.17 As I mentioned in my recommendations. This is on of my favourites, it has super coverage and a gorgeous finish. I picked up a few backups.
  • NYX Prismatic Eyeshadows – $6.57. Been in love with these shadows for so long now. I wanted to complete my collection. Silly me, brought two shades I already own. I picked up frostbite, golden peach, fireball, and pink heart.


  • NYX Lip Lingeries – $8.97 How beautiful are these shades. I wish they had more in stock, but I bought every shade in stock.nyx-lingeries
  • Essence Lip Liners – $1.20 Another one of my own recommendations. I had to pick up a few back ups.

Thank you

What did you pick up in the sale?

I hope you picked out some of your favorites or new products things to try let me know in the comments.


  • Elley Charles

    Gorgeous photos lovely – I just pinned them all! Hehe
    You picked up so many great things, I really want to try the NYX Contour Kit & Strobe palette soooo bad.

    Elley xx

    • Omg you need the NYX contour kit, especially since your fair, there are good fair shades. xx

  • LexiLife

    Love this post! I’ve never even heard of Priceline so it may not even be in the UK but it’s good to see another NYX lover! Found your blog through Bloglovin’ xo

    • Thank you Lovely. Yes its an Australian Pharmacy. They just have these amazing sales.
      I am a HUGE lover of NYX. xx

  • Kels L

    What a great post! I want all of the products above, except for the Chloe Morello kit as I just picked that up! 😉

    • How amazing is it. I am so glad I managed to get one.

  • Laura Tough

    Everyone seems to be raving about that contour palette!! I haven’t tried it but I feel like I should now haha xx