fit me best concealerWhen purchasing that perfect concealer. I always aim for something that will cover my dark under eyes, brighten and not crease. With some concealers that is way too much to ask. Today I am sharing with you the best concealers I have in my collection and why I love them. Again with foundations I generally own a few shades of my favourite concealers, for when I’m pale or tanned.

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the best primersWhen it comes to the perfect primer. I want to create a nice flawless canvas to apply my foundation to I sure we can all agree on that. I always look for a primer that smoothes out bumps, minimize pores, reduces redness and leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh. That’s not too much to ask for is it?

Today I am sharing with you the best primers that do just that. Some of them do everything and others not as much in this case I will some times use two primers so I’m really targeting the areas I need.
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top 5 eyeshadow palettesOnce upon a time I used to love buying all the latest and most raved about shadow palettes. If a Youtuber talked about it then I would make sure to add it to my cart. These days I have eased up a bit in purchasing palettes, because first of all I have run out of room to store them all and second I feel like my collection of over 100 palettes is enough to keep me satisfied.

I want to share with you my favourites I have narrowed it down to my top 5 eyeshadow palettes or this post would be way to long. You will notice a repeat pattern, warm browns, reds and oranges, that’s just what I love and I am sure most of you agree.

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top 5 foundationsI am back today with the next favorites post. My apologies for last week Telstra decided I didn’t need Internet for a few days. Good job Telstra. Anyways, todays post is my favourite favorites post. Because I freaking love foundations, I am sure we all know that by now.

I always know which foundations are my favorites because I tend to have more than one shade. Todays post are my top 5 foundations that I just can’t live without. If I could only have 5 foundations in my collection these would be my picks. All these foundations have one thing common and that is they are full coverage. Which is everything I look for in my foundation choice. View Post

Origins best face maskWow, I am back!! The last few months have been absolutely crazy busy. I won’t say too much but I have so many exciting things going on all will be revealed soon. With so much drama in the world at the moment I want to have a really positive week. So I’m going to share with you my favourites all week long. Today’s post is one of my favourite skincare items.

The Best Face Masks

Face masks are one of my favourite things to do. I always find it so relaxing laying in the bath with candles lit, a bit of smelly bubble bath and a mask on my face. Or even laying down on the couch or bed with your eyes closed thinking about nothing, having me time.

There are so many types of masks and so many different reasons to use masks. For myself I generally always use masks when my skin is feeling congested or I have unwanted pimples. Which lets face it is most days. I also love using masks as a spot treatment just to help remove those unwanted guests. Using a mask as a spot treatment rather then applying to the whole face can be handy with masks that may be too harsh for your skin but you don’t want to waste.

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