Foundation Dupes

Hey Beauties, I am so sorry for my lack of posts this last month I have just moved house and it hasn’t been an ideal situation. I am back and ready to write, this week is a post about foundation dupes.

One of my favourite makeup products is definitely foundations. Having close to 100 foundations in my collection I was sure to have products that were similar if not the same. Going through my collection I found drugstore dupes (duplicates). Dupes are a cheaper alternative to a higher cost product. Sometimes the same formula, coverage, finish or shade without the hefty price tag.
Most expensive brands do have their bonuses and being in Australia the cost of most drugstore items are quite expensive itself sometimes it works out better spending the extra dollars and purchasing the high end product. Before purchasing foundation its good to read reviews to make sure they are suited for your skin type, coverage or finish you may be after.

So let’s get into the dupes ……

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