Sephora Halloween Frenzy Sale Haul

Firstly this post should of been up last week when I received all my orders but life and a baby bump just got in the way. Who knew you could get so exhausted growing a human being. Any who today’s post is my haul from the recent Sephora Halloween Frenzy Sale they had on there app I just had to share with you everything I picked up.

I had read in there email if you spent $300 plus you would get 60% off which meant your order would come down to about $120, to me that is insane savings especially from Sephora who hardly ever have sales. I decided to do a sneaky order which of course ended up in me doing 3 orders each over $120 Naughty Naughty.
It was so addicting when you put products in your cart and the price just kept going down.

I will admit the selection of products they had to choose from in the sale section weren’t the greatest. I pretty much ended up compulsive spending on products I probably didn’t need and weren’t on my wish list. But products I have always wanted to try. I am extremely happy with the products I hauled and glad to have them in my collection. I ended up spending $393.20 and got $983 worth of products. That’s a whopping $589.80 in savings, I am still shocked at that amount.

Okay let’s get into the Haul and the goodies I purchased.

Kat Von D Beauty Lock It Foundation – This foundation has always been on my list to buy. I already owned the old packaging foundation but had the wrong shade. I was glad to pick up the right shades. Ended up choosing 4 shades 43, 45, 49 And 53. Picked these so I had a range of shades to match me when I am tanned or not. Oh and did I mention these came down to just $19.60 each, that is crazily cheap almost cheaper then a drugstore foundation in Australia. I will have a full review coming to Foundation Friday’s on this foundation so keep an eye out for that to read my thoughts on it.

Halloween Haul

halloween haul

Lock it Foundation- 53, 49, 45, 43

Kat Von D Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks – I already owned Bow and Arrow thanks to a Jaclyn Hill recommendation and I am a huge fan of the formula so I knew I had to get all the nudes and pinky shades. These came down to just $12 each from $30. When I realised that I ended up purchasing all the shades they had in stock, which was 12 in total.

halloween Haul

halloween haul

halloween haul

Becca Jaclyn Hill Champagne Splits – I always had my eyes on these because I do love Becca products. However I already owned the highlighter and blush shades so I never purchased them in the past. When I seen they were part of the sale I thought I may as well add a couple. I am so glad I did because they are beautiful and the packaging is stunning. These came down to just $25.60 each.

halloween haul

halloween haul

Champagne Pop / Hyacinth and Proseco Pop / Pamplemousse


Kat Von Lipstock Limited edition Studded Kiss – I already owned Lolita 2 in the limited edition packaging so I thought I’d pick up the other colour, Mother. This colour is absolutely beautiful, and can we talk about those details in the lipstick bullet.

Halloween Haul
Tarte Tartist Lip Crayon– One thing I never have enough of is lip liners so I picked up a few different shades to try. These came down to just $10.40 each.

halloween haul

halloween haul

Tarteist Lip Crayon – Magic Wand- Thirsty – Amaze – Latergram – Boho

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured Creme Champagne Pop– One of my favourite highlighter shades ever and definitely my favourite formula are the pressed Shimmering Skin Perfectors. I thought it was about time I tried the poured version, which is a cream formula. This one came down to just $24.80.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Highlighters – I already own and love the shade exposed. I knew i had to pick up the rest of the shades. I just love the formula, they last so well on the skin. And were only $15.20 each.

halloween haul

halloween haul

Champagne Pop Poured – Tarte Sparkler – Tarte Stunner


So there we have my Halloween Frenzy Haul. Overall I think I picked up a good range of products to add to my collection. This sale was definitely a good time to splurge and spend a bit too much before baby is born.
Did you pick anything up from the sale? Let me know below I love seeing people’s hauls xx

  • Angie Fliehser

    such beautiful make up!i love sephora

  • Ariana Soleil

    They all look like really great products. I should have gone shopping during the sale!

  • Nancy Faircloth

    Great info – Love your product and color choices. The packaging on that first lipstick is awesome