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my makeup deskSocial Media is such a part of the beauty community and such a valuable tool. Just recently I reached 10,000 followers on Instagram. I feel like my Instagram has come a long way and just continues to grow. I started my Instagram when my son passed away, makeup helped me through the hardest time of my life. Being very passionate about my Instagram and blog I put my heart into soul into it. Now I want to share with you my top tips to grow your Instagram and gain more followers.

my instagram followersInstagram Tips

Have you ever noticed your favourite Instagram account, how their feed just flows? This could be a colour, background, product, or size theme. Some accounts alternate portrait and landscape photos. Finding the theme that best suits your style and feed, will help your account look more put together and attract more followers. I guess you can say people love organised feeds.

Bright Photos

When scrolling through your home/explore feed would you be likely to double tap on a dull or blurry photo? I personally wouldn’t. Keeping your photos light and bright, makes them much more appealing. People are more likely to double tap your photos. When posting my photos, I ask myself if I would like this photo if it appeared in my explore page. If I say no I am less likely to post the photo.

Clean and Clear 

Following on the bright tip. A huge tip is to keep your photos clean. This means don’t clutter your photo. For flatlay photos I lay out 1 or 2 main products for the eye to focus on and then start adding smaller items until I’m happy with the layout. For makeup of the day photos when I generally use a lot of products. I like to lay out the products I’ve used for the day. Then I will slowly start taking out products to make the photo looking less cluttered. Once you actually give it a try you will see how it looks much better.


Something I have always struggling with is posting regularly but this is definitely key to gaining more followers. Find a schedule that suits you daily or weekly and make sure you can commit to it. I try to post once or twice a day. I wouldn’t do more than twice as it starts to get a bit too much and people may unfollow. My biggest downfall was not having content ready to post, meaning I would take photos and edit everyday. Having back up photos helps you stay consistent incase you are unable to take photos for some reason. I have start taking all my photos on the weekends which gets them ready for the week.

Being Active

Comment and like other people’s photos that are similar to yours. I always try to like 100 photos a day that interest me. Commenting a genuine comment about the post rather than just an emoji, is a great way to start conversation. The person may even comment on your photos and follow you so being active really is important.


Hashtag as much as you can. Normally 30 per post is the allowance, however lately Instagram has been allowing more. I like to keep a list of hashtags in my notes on my phone. It makes it quicker to copy and paste your hashtags rather than typing them out every time. Do make sure you keep up to date with what hashtags others are using though, this will help others find your posts.

Business Account

Now this is a new update from Instagram. If you are more serious about your Instagram change your account to a business account. As a business account you get access to insights. With Insights you can see your impressions, how many people have seen your post, and your followers, how many you have gained this week, where they are from, male or female and age. It also tells you the best engagement hours and days. This will help you schedule your times of your posts. Insights has so much more information to help to help your understand your account. To change to a business account, go to settings and select switch to business account.

instagram insights followersYou can view my Instagram account here

Please remember that having a massive following doesn’t mean everything. Sometimes the smaller accounts have a much larger engagement because they are being active with their followers.

What are your top tips for gaining followers and growing your Instagram? Please leave a comment below.


How to gain 10,000 followers on Instagram.

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  • Felicia Anastasia Bardan

    Great post lovely. And very helpful for a lot of people!

  • Such a great post babe! Totally agree with every points you have made. I feel like consistency is key 🙂 x

    • Thanks babe, huge compliment coming from you xx

  • Sofija Piletic

    Very clever post! I just checked out your insta and it is goals!

  • Nyobie White

    Great post! When I started Instagram, it was a hobby but I love the photos and I started blogging too which I really enjoy. I honestly don’t know what I’m doing half the time – I’m just winging it so tips are great.

    • Ohh don’t worry that used to be me as well. Until I started to talk to other bloggers and realise it’s a whole nother world out there xx

  • Dianne Childs

    I love these tips. I find when I brighten my photos they just look so much more appealing. Will be keeping all these in mind and congrats on 10K followers!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    • Thank you so much, I am glad to help you. Definitely bright photos are the key xx

  • Laura Tough

    Such good tips! I’m definitely trying to be more active and comment on more peoples photos on instagram, I find that really helps!! x

    • Definitely helps. Just had to be genuine comments. People love it xx

  • By Meneka

    Congrats on the major milestone!

  • Great tips! I’m finding hard to grow my social media platforms, especially Instagram! Will be more consistent following these tips! 🙂 xx

    Jessica |

  • Audrey Yap

    This will definitely help me! I’ll be sure to remember these amazing tips the next time I post on instagram. Thank you so much!

  • Wonderful suggestions babe. Loved this post. Your blog is looking amazing and these photos….. damn! You are killing babe. LOVE IT!!

    Bec |

    • Thanks gorgeous, it’s because I have the support of all of you xx

  • Wow, congratulations on 10,000! Great tips here thanks.

  • Georgia Gapes

    Congrats on 10k!
    I recently switched to the business account, so helpful xx

    • Thank you xx
      How good is it. So handy to have

  • Amy

    Congrats on reaching 10k!! I definitely need to work on my photography skills x

  • Love this post Congrats on reaching 10k. I will work on putting your tips into practice as well as upping my photo game.

    • Thank you so much. I hope they work out for you xx

  • Aww thank you so much, il definitely work on more posts xx

  • Good tips! I really agree about hashtags!
    God to know about the “Business account” update of Instagram. Thanks for sharing!

  • Harriet Day

    These are great tips, I’m really struggling growing my instagram and I think these will really benefit me!