Where have i been? An Update on My Life

Firstly I apologise for my lack of posts the last few months it has been so crazy busy with my engagement party having family and friends over from New Zealand and then we got a puppy! So exciting but he’s so much work. You may also have noticed my brand new website. It has been a long process with so many issues, I think it is sorted and ready to go now. So here’s an update on my life at the moment.

I will now be posting WEEKLY sometimes twice a week, as there are so many exciting things and events coming up that I am dying to share with you. If you have any requests for posts or product reviews feel free to leave them down below.

Last month my partner and I celebrated our engagement party, I decided to get my makeup done, I can’t believe it was the first time a makeup artist had done my makeup. It was good to see what products she used and how she used them. I actually learnt so much, I still cant believe she used 3 foundations and 3 different primers. My makeup lasted all night and I felt so pretty haha.  Thank you Amea May Beauty for using your magic on me, you are amazing.



This is my new baby Harley, he is an American Staffy X  who has been taking up all my time. He is mine and my partner’s first pet and he is so much work. He’s definitely worse than having a baby. It is seriously like a full-time job looking after him but he is so worth it.

file-22-9-16-12-18-39-am file-22-9-16-12-18-57-am update

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed my beautiful puppy haha. Make sure your following me so you can see my next blog post.




  • Oh your pooch is just too cute Looking forward to seeing your new content babes!

    Bec | beautywithbec.com

    • mymakeupdesk

      thanks honey, he is a bit cute 🙂

  • Congrats on your engagement babe! You looked stunning. And omg 3 foundations & primers?! Lol I’m always too nervous to get my makeup done. I’m scared I won’t like it hehe
    Your new baby is gorgeous!!

  • mymakeupdesk

    Thank you lovely xx. omg i was so scared and i told her if i didnt like it i would change it but she did an amazing job i felt so glam haha